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Retrieving Binance price ticker with websocket using TypeScript

Posted on:December 17, 2023 at 08:00 PM (1 min read)

Recently, I want to collect Binance trading ticker to simulate a trade setup of a specific pair and was researched for how to do it programmatically and found Binance offered a WSS API to actully subscribe a price ticker.

This is a rough step-by-step i follow through Binance docs:

Step #1 - Install Binance Typescript connector

npm install @binance/connector-typescript

Step #2 - Exporting Binance API key to your shell session (or add it to environment variable).

export API_KEY=<your_api_key>
export API_SECRET=<you_api_secret>

Step #3 - Define callaback for Binance websocket events and subscribe to ticker.

import {
} from "@binance/connector-typescript";

const callbacks = {
  open: () => console.debug("Connected to WebSocket server"),
  close: () => console.debug("Disconnected from WebSocket server"),
  message: (data: string) =>,

const websocketStreamClient = new WebsocketStream({ callbacks });


setTimeout(() => websocketStreamClient.pingServer(), 4000);

setTimeout(() => websocketStreamClient.disconnect(), 6000);

Optional - Reconnecting to Binance WSS

setTimeout(() => {
}, 9000);

setTimeout(() => websocketStreamClient.disconnect(), 12000);